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Bishop Luc Bouchard, Diocese of St. Paul, says that this planet is a gift from God, and that Alberta Tar Sands might be a sin against humanity, and against creation. He knows of what he speaks, as he ministers to people who live near the World’s Worst Environmental Disaster. Read the CBC story.

Here’s what Bishop Bouchard writes in a letter to his parishioners.

It is therefore impossible for me to ignore the moral problem created by the proposed one hundred and fifty billion dollars oil sands developments in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo because these projects are in “my own backyard,” and have aroused strong ethical criticism. In this pastoral letter I will consider this extraordinary and controversial industrial development from a Catholic perspective.

Anyone who cares about global warming, and the world we will leave those who follow, couldn’t disagree.


* The Tar Sands are the size of England. The photo shows just one small portion.

Here are 10 Tar Sands facts from Desmog.

2 Responses to “The Bishop is a White Knight”

  1. Erica Orloff says:

    I’m not Catholic, but . . . I could really like that Bishop.

  2. Richard says:

    He does seem like a good man. I can’t imagine what it must be like to minister to people who have to live this environmental nightmare.