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Reason #2 to Boycott Shell*

The Pembina Institute — a sustainable energy think tank — has accused Royal Dutch Shell of abandoning written agreements to reduce GHG emissions at two Canadian tar sands projects. Before the Candian government had approved the projects at Jackpine Mine and Muskeg River Mine, Shell had committed to setting pollution reduction targets in 2007 “to reduce emissions to better than the most likely commercial alternative on a full-cycle basis.” The agreement was made with the Oil Sands Environmental Coalition (OSEC), a group that counts Pembina among its members.

Shell has since told Pembina that the company will not be bound by those commitments. According to Pembina’s figures, green house gas emissions from the projects will increase by 900,000 metric tons annually — which is just like putting 200,000 additional cars on the road.

In partnershp with Ecojustice, Pembina has filed an affidavit to reopen the project’s approval process.**

“Shell’s decision to break these binding agreements calls into question its claims of environmental leadership,” says Marlo Raynolds, Pembina’s Executive Director. “Shell seems to believe it can break promises to Canadians with impunity.”

Simon Dyer, the institute’s oil sands program director, says that “Shell has built its reputation in Canada by promising to address the environmental and social concerns of stakeholders and communities. Dropping its commitment raises the question of whether these types of promises are driven by ethics or tactics.”

John Abbott, Shell Canada’s Executive VP, suggests that the company has taken early action to cut GHG emissions, and that it couldn’t do more until a regulatory framework levels the playing field.

I call bullshit. Just as George Monbiot has done on multiple occasions in 2009. Shell has only paid lip service to sustainability for years.

Write to them now and tell them that you’re boycotting their service stations.

Shell Canada Limited
P.O. Box 100 Station M
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 2H5

* Reason#1 to Boycott Shell would be their scandalous betrayal of the people of Nigeria. Read about it here and more recently here.

** I think the Pembina Institute and Ecojustice are just bloody brilliant!

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