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On Earth Day, Canada’s Environment Minister Jim Prentice issued the following statement:

As Canada’s Environment Minister and an avid outdoorsman, I am committed to preserving and enhancing our environment for current and future generations.

Canada faces challenges and opportunities on the environment. We need to build a dynamic and vibrant economy, while balancing the need to protect our environment. One must not overshadow the other.

As an international event, Earth Day symbolizes our need to work together to protect the environment. The Government of Canada is committed to working with its domestic, continental and international partners to address issues such as reducing carbon emissions, supporting clean energy and developing a new international agreement to fight climate change.

I encourage Canadians to mark Earth Day by making environmentally friendly choices, and I congratulate Canadians for their on-going commitment to the environment.

My false teeth almost fell into my coffee as I read!* I can’t begin to list all the ways that Jim Prentice has offended me. He’s running the Environment ministry as if he’s still locked in his previous portfolio as the Industry minister. Prentice is the Conservative government’s point man on the Alberta Tar Sands, the world’s worst environmental disaster, so he’s consisting promoting policies that trash the natural world. Just today, as the world’s environment ministers meet in Italy, he did it again!


A few more of Jim Prentice’s most egregious sins:

  1. Canada is now the World’s Collossal Fossilthe worst greenhouse gas villain.

  2. Prentice has continued the policies of his predecessor, the lumbering, heavy-handed John Baird, and muzzled Environment Canada scientists.
  3. Canada continues to stifle progress at the International climate talks; Even at the most recent summit, Canada still allied itself with the world’s most polluting nations
  4. Canada is continuing to suggest that carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a viable option for the tar sands, even though this is a bald-faced lie. CCS may possibly work to capture coal plant emissions if massive investment is forthcoming, and it may be ready for deployment in the 2030s, but by that time, it will be too late.
  5. The Conservative government, in their so-called stimulus budget, invested pocket change in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Canada will become an ecomonic wasteland if we don’t change course soon.
  6. Prentice has been fighting tooth and nail to have the Alberta Tar Sands exempted from any North American emission standard. Take this photo tour to see the tar sands for yourself, and see what the area’s Catholic bishop thinks.
  7. Prentice continues to suggest that intensity targets will cut Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, even though most analysts expect them to rise over the coming decade because intensity targets don’t work!
  8. Prentice continues to promote the false dichtomy advanced by his imperious leader in the last election, which suggests that it’s either the economy or the environment. By saving the environment, and embracing sustainability, we will transform our economy and ensure properity for future generations. You know, like Obama is doing.
  9. Many of Canada’s pristine lakes have been approved as dumping sites for Canadian mining companies.
  10. Prentice continues to tell whoppers to Canadians, suggesting that Canadian environmental policy will mirror US environmental policy. Well, Obama wants nothing to do with Canada’s greenwashing. To give the most recent example, Obama just signed an agreement with Mexico to work together to cut greenhouse gas emissions and invest in renewable energy. If you read between the lines, it should be obvious that Canada is now alone and isolated on this continent, hewing to failed policies that will diminish our economy. Nova Scotia, for example, could produce enough offshore wind energy to power the eastern seaboard. Prentice went to school at Dalhousie, my alma mater, but he cares nothing for Atlantic Canada and its potential for economic renewal.

I follow Canadian news fairly closely, and I have NOT heard Baird Prentice — or any other Conservative minister — stand up for the environment since Lucien Bouchard jumped ship in the 1990s.

Jim Prentice is a Climate Change Double Dumb Ass.

UPDATED: Wrote this one in a hurry. I’ve corrected the spelling mistakes.


* It’s just an expression. I still have all my teeth.

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